Excellent winter performance

Greenness is not the only thing you lose when your bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) is dormant. You also suffer significant losses of wear tolerance and density. This creates the opportunity for various weeds to invade your pitch. Your turf will look poor and uncared for, and the playing quality will be influenced.

Winter grass activity reduces weeds

Resilient Blue Muda protects your bermuda turf in winter. Active plants in winter make sure your sward remains dense and closed, which leaves less space for weeds. Natural competition (without using herbicides) is the only way to create a healthy competitive sward.


Winter wear tolerance is key

Resilient Blue Muda was created to withstand wear all year round. We subjected grass plants to extraordinary wear conditions in our field trials using the wear machine.


Disease tolerance: factor for success

Especially in humid and hot conditions, most cool season grasses are susceptible to all kind of diseases. Resilient Blue Muda grasses are selected for the highest summer disease tolerance. Only plants able to survive summer stress can help you in winter!


Winter maintenance

Do you want to know how to maintain Resilient Blue Muda during wintertime?

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Resilient Blue Muda and bermudagrass in combination with an optimized fertilization program gives an excellent winter performance (blue plots) in comparison with standard nutritional program or pure Bermuda.

Want to know more about Resilient Blue Muda?

Barenbrug Bluemuda is the grass concept that provides the most sustainable solution for the transition zone in Europe. In this zone both warm and cool season grasses are active. The combination of bermudagrass (warm season grass) with Resilient Blue grass technology (cool season grass) offers the solution for bermudagrass that is permanently green all year round.


Read more about Bluemuda concept here.


With Resilient Blue grass technology, the turf suffers far less under extreme conditions such as drought and heat. Resilient Blue technology also ensures the fastest recovery after a stressful situation. That's what we mean by resilience! Resilience is the new standard for sustainability. Resilient Blue takes the punches of extreme stress and fights back!


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