NutriFibre - root to success

NutriFibre is grass with a strong, impressive root system and nutritious, protein rich leaves. NutriFibre offers an advantage regarding the four points outlined below on the grasses traditionally grown by dairy farmers. NutriFibre is:


High Yielding Grass because NutriFibre is high-yielding and rich in protein,
Drought Tolerant Grass because NutriFibre roots deeply,
Nutrient Efficient Grass because NutriFibre uses minerals from deeper layers in the soil,
Effective Fibre Grass because NutriFibre provides effective fi bre.


Grass seed mixes with NutriFibre provide today’s farmers with optimal roughage. NutriFibre technology offers farmers a solution for their farm management under a wide variety of conditions. A huge number of dairy farmers in Europe have already chosen the benefi ts of NutriFibre and feed their cattle this grass to complete satisfaction.

The new grass technology

Left perennial ryegrass - Right NutriFibre

The foundation of NutriFibre is soft-leaf tall fescue, a development stemming from the Royal Barenbrug Group’s international breeding programme ‘Grass for highly productive dairy cattle’. NutriFibre technology combines mineral effi ciency, high protein production, digestible, effective fi bre-rich cell walls and rooting intensity. The interaction of these individual properties has a mutually enhancing effect that results in exceptionally high quality silage. This gives the specifi c combination a value worth more than the sum of its parts. The new grass technology based on soft-leaf tall fescue has been extensively trialled in a diverse range of conditions, soil types and different farm management systems.