Mowing is passé with Mow Saver!

Barenbrug presents a revolutionary new concept specially developed for use in public green spaces: Mow Saver®. A green sward in a park, public green space or road verge used to involve a lot of effort. Those days are over with Mow Saver® - less work for both lawn mowers and the managers of public green spaces. A green sight for sore eyes maintained with relatively little effort is no longer wishful thinking. The low-growing grass of this innovative mixture reduces the need for mowing by 35% and the volumes of clippings by 50% while still ensuring fast establishment. A revolutionary development in public green spaces making mowing passé.

Fewer mowing sessions

After years of research, Barenbrug has developed grass varieties that combine the characteristics of lower moisture and mineral requirements with slower growth, putting an end to the need for frequent mowing and irrigation! Whereas grass of a standard mixture would have to be mown at least twenty times, around thirteen mowing sessions will suffice in the case of Mow Saver® – a decrease of 35%.


Smaller volumes of clippings to be disposed of.

Mow Saver® used in a lawn or park will produce 50% less leaf mass a year than a standard grass mixture. And what isn’t produced doesn’t have to be disposed of!

Since seeding at the end of May I have had to mow my grass only once a month, whereas I usually had to get my mower ouy every week!

Dimitry de Wit
landscape contractor

low-growing, fast establishing grass

A green future

Less is more: less time spent mowing means more time for more enjoyable things! Barenbrug wants future generations to be able to enjoy sports and other forms of recreation too, which is why the company introduced its Green Earth label. This quality mark helps managers of public green spaces to use and manage grass in a more sustainable way by making less use of water, fertilisers and pesticides and mowing the grass less often. The unique Mow Saver® mixture amply meets all the Green Earth requirements and is therefore worthy of this quality label.

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Mow Saver – low-growing, fast establishing grass

Mow Saver® combines a 35% lower need for mowing with fast establishment. It also produces smaller volumes of clippings. These advantages mean that this revolutionary mixture meets all the requirements of the Green Earth quality label. 

I sowed Mow Saver® in June and have had to mow the grass only twice since then!

Geert Croes
landscape contractor